Savings Bank Donates $10,000 to Habitat For Humanity Fire Rebuild Fund

Press Release

August 19, 2016
Company contact: Katie Kight
707-462-6613 Ext 1308


Savings Bank Donates $10,000 to Habitat For Humanity Fire Rebuild Fund

A $10,000 donation has been made by Savings Bank to the Habitat For Humanity Lake County Fire Rebuild Fund. A portion of this donation is being made on behalf of their customers who participated in the “Let’s Rebuild Together…” eStatements campaign from May 1, 2016 – July 30, 2016. Through this campaign, Savings Bank provided customers an opportunity to help support the Lake County 2015 fire recovery efforts by switching to eStatements. The Bank pledged to make a donation for every paper statement that was switched to eStatements and kicked-off the campaign with an initial contribution in recognition of the customers who had already switched. Additionally, Savings Bank increased the donation in response to the Clayton Fire which began August 13, 2016.

“It breaks my heart to know that while Habitat For Humanity was working to help others rebuild after the 2015 fires, they encountered the devastation of losing their office to the Clayton Fire just a few days ago,” said Katie Kight, Savings Bank Marketing Officer.  “Richard Birk and Tammy Brigham are in good spirits. Although they are experiencing a minor pause in providing services, they are determined to find temporary office space and resume assisting others in need as soon as possible.”

Habitat for Humanity serves low income households who partner with the organization in the building process. All homes are energy efficient, with green building practices and appropriate low energy appliances. Lake County Habitat for Humanity pledges that all funds received for the Fire Rebuild Fund will go 100% to the rebuilding of homes for qualified low-income Lake County families who have been impacted by the fires.

Savings Bank of Mendocino County is accepting tax deductible monetary donations for the following organizations in response to the Clayton Fire; Habitat For Humanity Lake County Fire Rebuild Fund, North Coast Opportunities Wildfire Relief Fund and the Lake County Wine Alliance – #LakeCountyRising.

Help Us Assist the Lake County Fire Victims

Habitat for Humanity Lake County’s has established the Wildfire Rebuild Fund to facilitate in the efforts to rebuild the homes of those low-income homeowners impacted by this summer’s Valley, Rocky, and Jerusalem fires.  With an estimated 20% of those affected having been uninsured, the need for funds to rebuild is great.  Habitat’s initial fundraising goal for the rebuilding of homes is one million dollars, but much more will be required for the long-term recovery of our community.

If you would like to donate to HfH Lake’s Fire Home Rebuild and Repair Fund, you may do so with a credit card on our website at or by mail to Habitat for Humanity Lake County, PO Box 1830, Lower Lake CA 95457.  For more information regarding donations, or for the tax ID number, please call 707-994-1100 x104.  Please be generous and help rebuild Lake County!

2015-2016 Veteran Repair Program

Supported by funding from the Home Depot Foundation, Habitat for Humanity Lake County is still accepting applications for their Veteran’s Repair Program.  Previous Veteran’s Repair Program efforts have provided eligible clients with roof repair, electrical and plumbing repair, wheelchair ramps and wheelchair lifts, repairs to decking and windows, as well as accessibility adjustments made throughout the home such as widened doorways, grab bars, and handicap accessible showers, tubs, and toilets.  To qualify, applicants must be honorably discharged, low income military veterans who either own their home or permanently reside with another family member who owns their home.  Time is limited for this program, so all eligible applicants are urged to apply as soon as possible.

For more information about this program, for questions regarding qualification, or to get an application, please contact the Habitat for Humanity office at 16285 A Main St, in Lower Lake, visit our website at, or call at 707-994-1100.

Habitat Build In Progress

Work on Habitat for Humanity Lake County’s 19th home, located in Clearlake, is under way, and the soon to be homeowners couldn’t be happier.  The O’Keefe family had not dared to dream that owning a home would be possible in Lake County’s depressed economy, but the desire for a safe, stable, affordable place to raise their three children, ages Jordan, Judah, and Zoey, has always been foremost in their minds.  When the opportunity to apply for Habitat’s Homeownership program arose, they decided to take a shot.

Says Joe, “There are so many in Lake County who cannot afford to buy a home.  Habitat’s program is the chance of a lifetime and I’m super excited about this opportunity for my family.”

“We are blessed and lucky to have this chance,” adds Amber.  “It’s amazing that such an opportunity exists for families in Lake County.”

Construction on house number 20 is expected to begin soon and your assistance is needed.  In order to provide homeownership opportunities to low-income county residents, Habitat for Humanity Lake County relies on donations and volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer at the build site and help provide this family and their children with a new home, or would like to volunteer in some other capacity, or if you are interested in providing lunches for the volunteers, please call the office at 707-994-1100 or come by our office at 16285 A Main Street in Lower Lake.  Or if you have lived in Lake County for at least one year and are interested in the homeownership program, you are encouraged to contact the office for further information.

Habitat Lake County Helps Another Veteran

Adam Scherer and his dog Rocco ride the new wheelchair lift at their Lake County home.

Adam Scherer and his dog Rocco ride the new wheelchair lift at their Lake County home.

From the time he could hold a pencil, Lake County resident Adam Scherer longed to be an architect. After high school, he entered the U.S. Army and served for 10 months during the Vietnam War out of Camp Pendleton in San Diego as a Bulk Fuels Tech before being honorably discharged as the sole surviving son in his family. After the war, he fervently pursued his passion and worked as an architect until his retirement. A twenty-five year resident of Lake County and a recent amputee, Adam came to Habitat for Humanity for assistance getting into and out of his home. Habitat for Humanity, as part of the Home Depot Veteran’s Repair Program, assessed his hill-side home and installed a wheelchair lift and built a sidewalk to enable Adam to get his wheelchair in and out of his home and from the house to his driveway.

Says Adam of the modifications done to his home, “It is fun going up and down; the lift and sidewalk have been very helpful. I love that the lift lets me get into my garden and that I no longer get the chair stuck in the mud when it rains. I appreciate the work Habitat did for my house.”

If you are a Military Veteran homeowner or if you are a Veteran who resides in a family member’s home and require repairs or accessibility modifications made to the structure to accommodate a disability, Habitat for Humanity encourages you to apply to the Veteran’s Repair Program. If you have any other questions, please stop by the office at 16285A Main Stret in Lower Lake, call the office at 707.994.1100, or send us an email.

Habitat Dedicates Its 18th House to the Kotoff-Philpott Family

Habitat for Humanity Lake County dedicated their 18th home on April 18, 2015, welcoming Angela Philpott, Jeremy Kotoff, and their children to the ranks of Habitat partner families. Volunteers, staff, friends and family joined in celebration at noon in their Clearlake home, sharing food, good wishes, and words of welcome and encouragement to the family as they embark on their new life as homeowners. President Richard Birk spoke about the needs of the community and how each individual could contribute to make a difference in the lives of others before sharing a brief key-passing ceremony and fellowship with all of the guests in attendance.

New homeowner Angela said, “It’s hard to put into words; we’re still in shock. God has blessed us with a safe home for the girls, and we’re so grateful and appreciative to everyone who helped make this possible. It just hasn’t hit us yet that this is really real.”

For information on how you can become a Habitat for Humanity homeowner, or for an application, contact the Habitat for Humanity office at 707.994.1100 or send us an email.

HFH Lake County Receives CALHome Grant

Habitat for Humanity Lake County is pleased to announce the receipt of two grants through the California Housing and Community Development CALHome program.  The first grant for $540,000 provides mortgage assistance for first time homebuyers within the city of Clearlake to be used in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity’s Homeownership Program.  The second grant of $300,000 offers mortgage and rehabilitation assistance to owners of manufactured homes throughout Lake County.  Applicants for the rehabilitation and for homeowner programs must meet income and program qualifications and are subject to loan repayments.

Thrivent Financial Supports HFH

Through a unique member advised charitable grant program called Thrivent Choice, eligible Thrivent Financial members are able to help support the work of Habitat for Humanity Lake County. Thrivent Choice gives its members the opportunity to choose to direct Choice Dollars to Habitat for Humanity Lake County. These charitable outreach fund will be used to improve housing conditions for low income families throughout Lake County, work that includes not only home building but also critical home repairs for low income homeowners and wheelchair ramps, lifts and handicap accessibility improvements for the disabled and elderly, with a special emphasis on aiding our military veteran population.

To learn more about this donation program, visit

Sutter Hospital Donation for Ramps & Lifts

We are two-thirds of the way to our $75,000 fundraising goal for the purchase of ramps and lifts for our homeowners with limited accessibility. Can you help?

We are two-thirds of the way to our $75,000 fundraising goal for the purchase of ramps and lifts for our homeowners with limited accessibility. Can you help?

Sutter Hospital has shown their support for Habitat for Humanity’s Wheelchair Ramps and Lifts program with a $2,000 donation. Since its creation last year, $49,800 has been raised towards the program that offers wheelchair ramps, wheelchair lifts, and a variety of handicap accessibility modifications to qualifying veterans, seniors, and disabled individuals in Lake County. Several Lake County homeowners have been given assistance to date. Sutter Hospital’s generous offering will assist Habitat for Humanity in reaching their $75,000 program goal and will provide assistance for additional homeowners.

To help the Wheelchair Ramps and Lifts Program reach its goal, donations may be sent to Habitat for Humanity Lake County, PO Box 1830, Lower Lake, CA 95457 or you may contact the office at 707.994.1100 for more information. In addition to monetary donations, donations of wheelchair ramps or wheelchair lifts are also encouraged.

Help a Deserving Lake County Family

Starting this year, the State of California has made it easier for those filing income taxes to support Habitat for Humanity in the mission to provide, safe, decent, accessible and affordable housing. For the first time ever, Habitat for Humanity is included amongst the list of potential donor sites to select when filing a California state income tax return. By checking box 428 on their return, tax filers are able to donate the amount of their choosing to Habitat for Humanity. Funds collected will used to improve housing conditions in our community and provide a better quality of life for families in need.

As anyone who lives in the areas knows, there is significant need within the county for decent, affordable housing. Lake County has one of the highest levels of unemployment and lowest levels of income in the state. Particularly in Clearlake, where the housing stock is older and consists of a high number of mobile homes, the cost of available rental housing is disproportionate to the income levels of many local families. According to the most recent Housing Element report, 22% of Clearlake’s housing stock is older than 50 years, with an additional 44% being older than 30 years. In the latest housing condition survey, it was revealed that 74% of the City’s housing is in need of rehabilitation. Many families are forced to forego basic needs in order to have any shelter at all. Of those who do own their homes, Lake County has a significant number of seniors, veterans, disabled individuals and low income families who are physically or financially unable to manage the upkeep of their homes.

This is where Habitat for Humanity Lake County comes in. Habitat for Humanity Lake County has been building homes within our community since 2001. Starting in 2010, Habitat for Humanity Lake County has also undertaken the mission of providing repair services to in-need residents who have owned their homes. Funding for these projects comes from a variety of sources, from grants, gifts and donations from corporations and private citizens. By contributing to Habitat for Humanity through this new State tax return donation option, California filers can help other California residents have safe, adequate housing.