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Starting this year, the State of California has made it easier for those filing income taxes to support Habitat for Humanity in the mission to provide, safe, decent, accessible and affordable housing. For the first time ever, Habitat for Humanity is included amongst the list of potential donor sites to select when filing a California state income tax return. By checking box 428 on their return, tax filers are able to donate the amount of their choosing to Habitat for Humanity. Funds collected will used to improve housing conditions in our community and provide a better quality of life for families in need.

As anyone who lives in the areas knows, there is significant need within the county for decent, affordable housing. Lake County has one of the highest levels of unemployment and lowest levels of income in the state. Particularly in Clearlake, where the housing stock is older and consists of a high number of mobile homes, the cost of available rental housing is disproportionate to the income levels of many local families. According to the most recent Housing Element report, 22% of Clearlake’s housing stock is older than 50 years, with an additional 44% being older than 30 years. In the latest housing condition survey, it was revealed that 74% of the City’s housing is in need of rehabilitation. Many families are forced to forego basic needs in order to have any shelter at all. Of those who do own their homes, Lake County has a significant number of seniors, veterans, disabled individuals and low income families who are physically or financially unable to manage the upkeep of their homes.

This is where Habitat for Humanity Lake County comes in. Habitat for Humanity Lake County has been building homes within our community since 2001. Starting in 2010, Habitat for Humanity Lake County has also undertaken the mission of providing repair services to in-need residents who have owned their homes. Funding for these projects comes from a variety of sources, from grants, gifts and donations from corporations and private citizens. By contributing to Habitat for Humanity through this new State tax return donation option, California filers can help other California residents have safe, adequate housing.

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  1. We have some used furniture and building equipment (2-drawer lateral file cabinet that can be used as a dresser, a table made from redwood burls rectangles, 2 recliners, an early complete Shop Smith) which are in good condition and which work properly. Is there a family who is rebuilding that can use some or all of these items? If so, we will deliver them to where they are needed. You may give out our telephone number to any fire victim who could use these items (707-823-2325). Please respond when you can. Thank you for your assistance to the fire victims. Al & Bev Bertaina

    • We’re in the process of identifying families that fit our program criteria now; when we have appropriate candidates, I will give do our best to get them in touch with you. Thank you for your generosity!

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