2015-2016 Veteran Repair Program

Supported by funding from the Home Depot Foundation, Habitat for Humanity Lake County is still accepting applications for their Veteran’s Repair Program.  Previous Veteran’s Repair Program efforts have provided eligible clients with roof repair, electrical and plumbing repair, wheelchair ramps and wheelchair lifts, repairs to decking and windows, as well as accessibility adjustments made throughout the home such as widened doorways, grab bars, and handicap accessible showers, tubs, and toilets.  To qualify, applicants must be honorably discharged, low income military veterans who either own their home or permanently reside with another family member who owns their home.  Time is limited for this program, so all eligible applicants are urged to apply as soon as possible.

For more information about this program, for questions regarding qualification, or to get an application, please contact the Habitat for Humanity office at 16285 A Main St, in Lower Lake, visit our website at www.lakehabitat.org, or call at 707-994-1100.

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    • The Veteran’s Repair Program covers health and safety related repairs, as well accessibility improvements for the home. This may include electrical and plumbing, wheelchair ramps and lifts, grab bars, roof repair and more. If the homeowner is a veteran (or if there is a veteran living in the home) and they have owned the home and resided there for at least 5 years (exceptions may apply), then the homeowner is eligible to reply. Also, the home must be upon land owned by the homeowner (that is, homes in trailer parks are not eligible for most services). The 2015/2016 year program has concluded, but we are negotiating the contract with Home Depot for the new year and hope to know how much funds will be available for repairs. In the interim, Habitat’s other repair program does have funds available, so interested veterans are encouraged to apply.

    • Which program are you inquiring about? I’m guessing the Veteran’s Repair Program. Some of the details are included on the Veteran’s repair page. If you are a veteran and a homeowner, (both home and land) or reside in a home with a vet, have lived in the home and owned it for at least five years, and are low income, you may be eligible for services.
      The program provides critical health and safety related repairs, such as plumbing, electrical, handicap accessibility modifications, some roof work, etc.

  1. I own my mobile home but I live in a Trailer Resort. I’ve received an application for Home Repair assistance. Am I eligible and should I continue with the application process? Thank you. Ronald Wright Jr.

    • Eligibility will largely depend on the nature of the work you need, as well as the age of your mobile. Items like wheelchair ramps and lifts will still be considered, as well as other minor repairs. We have had issues with park owners in the past, and our primary funding source for the repair program now discourages mobiles not on land also owned by the homeowners, but we may still consider providing assistance depending on the work required.

  2. I’m an Honorably Discharged Veteran here in Hidden Valley Lake. I am disabled with a heart condition. We have lived in our home since 2008 here in Hidden Valley Lake. What services does this Veteran program cover?
    The issues our home have are a leaking pressure regulator on our water supply line to the house, Calking around the windows and doors, the need for a stove vent over the stove ( and old microwave is there now that trips a breaker ), and a front porch railing that needs to be rebuilt.
    These are things I was going to do until I had a severe heart attack that has me unable to do the simple things I used to do.

    • the Veterans repair program covers health and safety related repairs and handicap accessibility related modifications. We’ve done electrical and plumbing repair, roofing, repairs to flooring and subflooring, wheelchair ramps and lifts, repairs to porches, installation of handicap toilets and grab bars, just to name a few things. Weatherization does qualify, and we do replace appliances and install heating/cooling units in some cases.
      You can find the application on our website, or I can mail you one if you wish.

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