Volunteers Make All the Difference!

Habitat for Humanity thrives on volunteer and community support. It is our volunteers and the generosity of our community that enables us to continue forward in our mission to provide decent, affordable housing to the residents of Lake County. You are the foundation that makes the difference. If you are interested in volunteering your time and services to our community and to Habitat for Humanity, please call, email, or come by our office. We are always on the lookout for people who are willing to help and welcome all of you, no matter the size of your contribution. It is a true blessing to be able to do the work we do, to see the results of our efforts in the faces of those families we are able to help. After all, what better feeling is there in life than that we experience when we help those in need?

To get started as a volunteer, please complete our Volunteer Application. You will need Adobe Reader to fill out and complete this document. In addition, you must fill out and sign the Volunteer Liability Release and submit this form with your application. Please fill out both parts of the application and deliver them to our Lower Lake office BEFORE beginning work on the job site. If you have further questions about volunteering, please contact the office at 707.994.1100 or send us an email.

10 thoughts on “Volunteers Make All the Difference!

  1. I work for PG&E in Oakland and have friends that live in Clearlake and would like to Volunteer my time on the weekend if needed. I am interested in helping putting up solar panels and I have done some construction in the past ( I have been a tomboy all my life) and love helping people. So if you need help on the weekends please let me know. My Company cell 510 709-9530

    • Hello Suzie, I have given your name and number to our director, who is involved in the solar aspects of our organization. He’ll be in touch soon. Thanks for your interest in helping us out!

  2. Hello!
    I am Director of Student Life at Justin-Siena High School. We are organizing resources and volunteer time here from the get-go to offer relief to the Valley Fire evacuees. Since I have done a lot of volunteering in my time (with Habitat in West Virginia and the Chicago area), worked at various non-profits, and lived in a volunteer community for a year, I am guessing that as soon as the fire is more contained, there will be a great need for clean up and rebuilding. We want to be ready to help when the time is right to jump in!

    I know the fire is still raging, but if you could stay in touch with us here at JS (myself and Stan Cordero, we are both Directors of Lasallian Student Life here) then we can begin to stage resources, volunteers, and coordinate projects.

    Thank you so much for any willingness to partner with us! I have so many students who are ready to help.
    Best to you,

    • Hello Sarah, thank you for reaching out to us.
      Now that our Director has returned and the fire situation is in hand, we are working with county officials and citizen groups to determine how best Habitat for Humanity can assist in the rebuilding of our county and help those residents impacted by the fires. We should have an announcement within the next several days as to what our affiliate expects to be able to do and it will be posted here on our site as well as in local media and facebook.
      We look forward to working with any who want to volunteer with us on this massive undertaking.

  3. I’m interested in implementing a plan/volunteering to rebuild the communities devastated by the Valley Fire. Please let me know the best way to get involved!

    • Hello Gina, thank you for reaching out to Habitat for Humanity. We are assessing the situation now and formulating a plan for how our affiliate can best help Lake County residents afflicted by the fires. Please watch our site, as we will be announcing our plans/goals within the next several days and will be eager to work with you and any other community members who want to volunteer and work with uts.

  4. The company I work for would like to volunteer to help in some way if possible. We have been looking for a way to celebrate the year, but think helping someone else celebrate my be more rewarding!

    Is there anything going on in January or February that you could use 15 or so people for a day or two?

  5. Hi… i have some construction experience, and am interested in doing some work to rebuild homes. How can I help? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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