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Director of Operations

Job Title: Director of Operations

Purpose: Provide general oversight of operational activities of a nonprofit housing ministry involved in the building and repair of homes for qualifying families in need. The position will be responsible for all aspects of the organizing and production of building and repair of homes.

Time Commitment: 40 hours per week (hours will vary)

Responsible to: Direct supervisor: President of the Board.

Qualifications:Experience in managing an organization (some non-profit managing a plus)
Volunteer management experience
Positive interpersonal skills
Ability to deal effectively and professionally with staff
Experience with understanding financial statements/cost accounting
Time management skills
Knowledge of green building techniques and construction management
Proficient with standard business software programs
Demonstrated history of community volunteer activities

1) Supervise the daily operational activities, including home repair and building activities.
2) Develop program budgets and short and long term operational plans.
3) Outreach to new families/households that could be candidates for the affiliate's housing programs.
4) Recruit and integrate volunteers into operational activities.
5) Train and supervise employees as necessary, providing daily work assignments as needed.
6) Work closely with the financial department
7) Set up and execute cost saving policies and procedures
8) Oversee the compliance of funded programs and provide said records when requested.

Education: Preferred a four year university degree in a relevant field.

Interested parties are required to send resumes and application to applicant@lakehabitat.org

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